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11:48 am - Monday, Nov. 15, 2010
For the diaryland records...
Dear Random Person,

Oh. Hey. My word. Did you just update? Like, recently? You did. And I know this because I saw off to the side. The right hand side. Of the screen. My computer screen. On this site. Keep up. I went from one page to another and noticed a difference in some of the screennames. I didn't think anything on this site worked anymore. But I checked your diary and it totally is newly updated. I'm truely amazed.

Certainly, this: And here are the most recently updated diaries (updated every few minutes) hasn't changed in years. Maybe it exists on some parallel where a few minutes equates to a decade and earthlings are going to be waiting an awful long time to see that page update but the people from that other realm? Totally no time at all. They're immortal. They can wait. It's okay to disappoint humans. What are humans going to do? But immortals? Man, who knows what they might do. Obviously something terrifying. More terror than a human could muster at the very least. An empire of terror!

And since this site works in slow motion for the other realm immortals, going to this page takes so long that the connection gets reset. Whatever that means. I'd hate to think that one day they might reset my connection to life. Because I'm not immortal, you see, they could probably do that. Eventually. I mean, maybe they can do that right now but you'd think they'd've already did it once I started exposing them. They can read minds, you know. They can! I can feel it. I feel my mind being read right now. If they had any ability to stop me currently, they would. And since they haven't, that should prove they're powerless. The fear they instill should be gone. You hear that, Andrew? Gone!

And now you need an invite to join this site? I bet it has nothing to do with spammers. It's those pesky immortals. I don't know what their deal is or why they need this place to be invite only but it has to be some sort of nefarious plot to take over the internet. Well, I say we don't let them take these series of tubes from us. All they can do is read your mind, they can't reset your connection to life. At least not yet. They present no threat whatsoever. Don't submit to their demands!

Damn the immortals! Free the tubes!

Best Wishes,
Doctor Andom

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